Other Grounds For Will Variations

Darychuk Law has been dedicated to resolving estate litigation cases for over 35 years. Based in New Westminster, B.C., we leverage this experience to effectively support individuals who have a right to challenge the contents of a will.

Our team has seen many other instances where someone may apply for a will variance, including:

  • Undue influence or pressure could have forced the will-maker to name a specific person as a beneficiary.
  • A surviving spouse may not protect the interests of infant children regarding the estate assets.

Supporting Public Guardians

When the rights of infant children are at risk, a public guardian may get involved in the matter to represent the child's interests outside of the surviving parent. Assets held in trust, or provisions for special needs and medical costs, may not have been administered fairly.

We offer our comprehensive knowledge of estates law to support public guardians and make sure the interests of infant children are protected.

Other Will Variation Requests

Darychuk Law also advocates on behalf of the estate. Our team will help you look after protecting the intentions of the will-maker. We also leverage our experience to protect trustees, surviving spouses and beneficiaries whose inheritance or actions are challenged after the administration of an estate.

Ask Us For Legal Assistance

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