Will Variations For Second Spouses And Mixed Families

Having more than one spouse, or having children from different marriages, can sometimes complicate the rights of surviving family members after the passing of a loved one.

With over 35 years of experience solely focused on estate litigation, Darychuk Law understands the needs and rights of second spouses and adult children who dispute a will.

Based in New Westminster, B.C., we guide clients through settlement negotiations, and vigorously protect their rights in court if necessary.

Examining The Legal And Moral Requirements Of A Will

First, we'll evaluate the legal requirements of the will. Was the second spouse entitled to an equal division of the assets? Would any of the adult children be considered dependants of the deceased?

Then we'll look at moral obligations. Was the estate unfairly distributed, given its size? What was the length of the second marriage? What was the nature of the relationship with children from previous marriages?

Protecting Your Rights To Your Inheritance

You could be a second spouse left out of a will, or an estranged adult child seeking your fair share of your parent's estate. Through every circumstance, we ensure all of the relevant data is gathered to present your case, including:

  • Length of the marriage
  • How the assets were acquired by the deceased
  • Familial contributions to the deceased's assets
  • Financial circumstances of the claimants
  • The value of the estate
  • Assets passed outside of the will

Protect Your Estate Rights

Disputes among mixed or blended families are more common than among members of a single family. Find out how our legal team can advocate for your rights to an estate. Send us an email or call 604-464-2644 to arrange a free consultation.