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October 2018 Archives

Digital assets not planned for can lead to estate litigation

Many people wrongly assume that time spent online is purely for entertainment. In fact, many of the communications and business done online carries financial value. For British Columbia estate planners, neglecting to plan ahead for these digital assets can end in estate litigation for their families and loved ones.

Estate litigation and planning for wills involving philanthropy

Charitable giving often plays a role in peoples' estate plans. Many see it as a way to leave a positive mark on the world and create a legacy in a community or organization. British Columbia individuals who are planning to include charitable giving in their estate plans may have some things to consider in order to avoid misunderstandings or estates litigation, especially if the gift may not align with the wishes of another beneficiary.

What is testamentary capacity in estate litigation?

When a will is called into question, one of the common complaints is that the person who drafted it did not have the capacity to do so. This is referred to as "testamentary capacity" under British Columbia law. Often, in estate litigation, this will be brought up by a person who believes that the will should be regarded as invalid because the testator who drafted it was not of sound mind.

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