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November 2018 Archives

Estate litigation may resolve questions of disinheritance

After a parent dies, it is common for survivors to feel waves of differing emotions, such as sorrow, anger and guilt. These are an important and normal part of the cycle of grieving, and some in British Columbia find the practical matters of closing their loved one's estate are a welcome distraction. However, if you have learned that your parent disinherited you, your emotions may be even more powerful. Often, those who feel unjustly excluded from a loved one's will turn to estate litigation.

The difficult challenge of contesting a will

Soon after a loved one's death, family members may learn the deceased's wishes as outlined in a will. A loved one who has not been forthcoming about his or her estate plans prior to death may leave unexpected terms in a will. This can lead to confusion and even anger among the heirs, especially if any have been disinherited. However, British Columbia courts limit the reasons for contesting a will.

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