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January 2019 Archives

Is your loved one's estate executor doing the job right?

After the death of a loved one, it may bring some comfort to a British Columbia family to learn that the deceased prepared his or her estate, including designating someone to handle the duties of estate executor. This is a complex job with dozens of responsibilities and obligations. An estate executor who fails to handle these duties competently may be far from comforting for family members and heirs of the estate.

Estate litigation can result from poor planning

British Columbia families that find themselves facing conflicts during the probate of a loved one's estate can probably trace the disputes back to long before the death of their loved one. The weeks and months following the loss of a parent or other close relative can be emotional, and latent animosity among siblings or stepchildren can erupt into challenges that can only be resolved in court. Many of the questions and confusions that lead to estate litigation are the result of poor planning and lack of communication on the part of the deceased.

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