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February 2019 Archives

Estate litigation: Can a valid will be challenged?

It is not uncommon for beneficiaries to be disappointed by the terms of a loved one's will. Often this is because the heirs had no true idea of the size of the estate and assumed it to be greater than it was. In other cases, the deceased intentionally leaves a smaller amount to one heir or disinherits someone altogether. Before beginning estate litigation, it is important for disappointed heirs to understand their rights under British Columbia law.

Estate litigation common after late-life divorces

Many in British Columbia who have lost a spouse or gone through a divorce may feel they will never love again. Finding a partner later in life, perhaps for the second or third time, can seem like a dream come true. Planning and anticipating a wedding brings its own preoccupations; however, making changes in one's estate plan may not be a part of them. Nevertheless, late life – or grey – marriages can complicate matters and result in families dealing with estate litigation.

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