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Confusing estate plans can result in conflict

Creating an estate plan is not always easy, particularly if the person establishing the plan has specific ideas about how he or she wants to distribute the assets. Some in British Columbia may try to make it easy for everyone involved and simply divide the estate equally among the heirs. However, even this generous move can lead to confusion if the will is not worded carefully.

If you are the rightful heir of an estate, you may have been surprised to hear the stipulations in your loved one's will. Perhaps the will placed certain requirements on your inheritance that were difficult to understand. Maybe a sibling or other family member received an asset you felt you had the right to. In the worst scenario, your loved one omitted you from the estate plan in what could only be an oversight or the influence of someone else.

It is not unusual for heirs to feel confused when a loved one's will offers more than one interpretation. This may be more likely if the deceased used a generic or online will instead of seeking professional advice for estate planning. Online wills are intentionally vague to fit a broad geographic range of laws, and this may create confusion in their interpretation.

When the interpretation of your loved one's will leaves you out or denies you what you feel is rightfully yours, you may want to seek answers to your questions. Darychuck Law will work to help you resolve the issues that keep you from your goals. British Columbia law requires estate plans to meet certain familial obligations, and the right assistance may allow you to receive the inheritance your loved one intended for you.

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