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April 2019 Archives

Conditions on bequests may require will interpretation

When creating an estate plan, it is common for some in British Columbia to place certain conditions on the inheritance they leave behind. Some of these conditions are reasonable. For example, a testator, which is someone who makes a will, may stipulate that an heir cannot receive his or her inheritance until the heir reaches a certain age. However, if the required age is unreasonable, this may be one reason for an heir to request a will interpretation.

Dying intestate can lead to estate litigation

When someone dies intestate, meaning without a will in place, the assets contained in the estate of the deceased are distributed according to British Columbia law. Typically, this means the closest living family members -- spouse, children or parents -- receive any property or money. If the deceased had no immediate family, the government has a line of succession in place for how to distribute the assets from the estate.

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