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September 2019 Archives

Wills can avoid disputes over ownership of assets

In many British Columbia families, there may be certain assets that are cherished and coveted by more than one person. A business owner, for example, may have several children who aspire to take over the company at some point, or a mother may own a precious piece of jewelry that two daughters each hope to inherit. When estate owners fail to make wills to stipulate how to divide their property, they may leave their families struggling to resolve these matters, potentially in court.

Preparing for wills and estates litigation in blended families

A large number of British Columbia families consist of blended families. Subsequent marriages, children from a prior marriage and children of the current marriage may all exist together as one big family. In a perfect world, everyone would have an equal footing, but that is not always the case. After the passing of a spouse and parent, the situation can become quite complex, and some of them may decide that wills and estates litigation is the only way to express their dissatisfaction with the arrangements made by the deceased.

1 unexpected issue that may lead to wills and estates litigation

When British Columbia residents pass away, someone needs to carry out the plans they made to provide for those they loved. Executors know they have certain duties to complete, but what they may not expect is certain obstacles to completing their tasks. Some circumstances could result in wills and estates litigation.

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