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October 2019 Archives

B.C. law limits those who wish to challenge a will

If a loved one dies and leaves behind a will, the deceased likely expects the will to convey his or her desires for the distribution of the estate. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Occasionally, the heirs to a British Columbia estate dispute the contents of a will, especially when the amount of inheritance is much lower than they expected or they are omitted from the will altogether. When this happens, they may question whether they have the right to challenge a will and how to start the process.

Did your loved one choose the right executor?

When British Columbia residents create their estate plans, one task is to choose someone to handle the administration of the estate after death. There are some laws regarding who can serve as an executor, but otherwise, the choice belongs to the person creating the will. It should be someone the testator trusts and believes can do the job. It should also be someone who wants to take on the responsibilities. 

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