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November 2019 Archives

How an estate executor may mishandle firearms in an estate

The executor of an estate has many serious responsibilities following the death of the estate owner. Often, individuals name an adult child to handle the duties of estate executor, and this is not always the most prudent decision. One situation that may prove volatile is if the owner of the estate was in possession of firearms. British Columbia law is very strict about how executors must deal with firearms in an estate, and failing to follow these rules may lead to legal trouble.

Using mediation to solve estate disputes and preserve families

After the death of a loved one, family members may run into any number of conflicts while closing out the estate. If the loved one left an estate plan, it may contain questionable instructions, but having no will can leave even more confusion. When there are disputes, it is common for heirs to seek a more peaceful resolution, such as mediation, rather than dragging their family members through court.

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