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Estate litigation is possible when no plan exists

Not everyone in British Columbia fully understands the importance of estate planning. Even for a simple estate with limited assets, a solid estate plan can relieve survivors of the confusion that comes with not knowing what the deceased would have wanted for his or her estate. This confusion may lead to disputes when loved ones disagree over the best steps to take, and those disputes may result in estate litigation.

If you and your family are facing the sad duty of closing a loved one's estate, you may already be dealing with disagreements over the best way to proceed. It is common for certain family members to have different understandings of a loved one's wishes. Without an expression of those wishes, such as a will or trust, it may be impossible to come to a consensus, especially when it involves the division of the assets in the estate.

You certainly want to obtain what you deserve from the estate, and your deceased love one may have made certain promises to you that he or she did not make clear in an estate plan. This may mean making the difficult choice of taking legal action during the probate process. By involving the courts, you will ideally arrive at a fair decision for handling your loved one's affairs and closing the estate as efficiently as possible.

It is important to understand that estate litigation can be an emotionally draining process. There is a risk of damaging relationships with those who disagree with your stand. However, with a British Columbia lawyer who understands the delicate matters involved in estate disputes, you have a better chance of reaching your goals of fulfilling the wishes of your departed loved one.

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