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February 2020 Archives

Executor mistakes can lead to wills and estates litigation

When British Columbia residents are asked to serve as executors by family or friends, they may want to think carefully before accepting. Even though they may feel honored that someone would trust them with something so important, it pays to better understand what will be expected of them before agreeing to serve in this capacity. The simple fact is that when an executor makes mistakes, it can lead to wills and estates litigation.

Sometimes, the trust in a power of attorney is misplaced

In creating an estate plan, British Columbia residents often execute documents not meant to handle their affairs after death, but instead, to handle them if they become incapacitated. They appoint a power of attorney to act on their behalf when they cannot make decisions for themselves. The creator of the document believes the person chosen to take on this crucial responsibility is trustworthy and will fulfill their obligations to the incapacitated person.

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