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April 2020 Archives

Power of attorney disputes can arise from end-of-life choices

When British Columbia residents create an estate plan, they probably make arrangements for what will happen to their assets and debts after death, along with what would happen to them should they become incapacitated. Creating a power of attorney gives another person the authority to make health care decisions for the person granting the power when he or she is not able to due to make them. Understanding the choices the agent may face could help in choosing the right person and leaving instructions that are as clear as possible.

Assessing someone's mental capacity: How to do it, why it matters

It is undoubtedly upsetting to watch the health of someone you love decline. Often, loved ones try to stay positive, and they may not be capable of accurately assessing the extent of a person’s condition. In some cases, friends and family may not have enough contact with the person to know how he or she is doing.

Failing to provide for a spouse may lead to estate litigation

For most British Columbia residents part of being married is taking care of each other emotionally, physically, and yes, financially. When it comes to estate planning, spouses may want to make sure they adequately provide for each other. Failing to provide for a spouse upon death could mean estate litigation for surviving family members.

Not all estate litigation results from wills and trusts

Incapacitation is always a possibility. People suffer illnesses and injuries that could make it impossible for them to make decisions for themselves. Many British Columbia residents prepared for this eventuality by executing powers of attorney in which they entrust their finances and health to someone they trust. Sadly, not everyone deserves that trust, and estate litigation could ensue because of it.

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