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Acting as a trustee is often not a popular position to be in

When your British Columbia loved one approached you with the request to fulfill an important function in his or her estate plan, you may not have considered all the angles. When the time came for you to serve as trustee, you quickly realized it was not what you thought it would be. Even if you have no trouble with performing your duties, the beneficiaries may make your job more of a challenge.

Beneficiaries are not always cooperative. They may not be happy with the rules of the trust regarding distributions. They may not be pleased with how you are handling the assets. Any number of issues could arise with the beneficiaries, especially if there is a familial relationship between them and you.

If one of the beneficiaries feels as though he or she has reason to do so, he or she could attempt to challenge your authority and request to have you removed. It is possible that one or more beneficiaries really believe that you are not performing your duties properly, even if you can prove you are. Fortunately, removing a trustee requires going through a process.

If you do face accusations of misconduct as a trustee, it would most likely be worthwhile to work with a British Columbia lawyer experienced in this area of law. A thorough review of both sides of the story could help reveal where misinterpretations and misrepresentations took place. It may be possible to work out a resolution that satisfies everyone involved. Otherwise, it may be necessary to make sure you have an advocate by your side if you end up going to court.

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