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May 2020 Archives

Who must executors notify to avoid estate problems

Most British Columbia residents do not live in a vacuum. They obtain identification, purchase assets, incur debts and more. When executors begin the estate administration process, part of their duties involves notifying all relevant parties of the benefactor's death. Estate problems can arise when all parties do not receive notification, especially they have a legal right to a notice.

Acting as a trustee is often not a popular position to be in

When your British Columbia loved one approached you with the request to fulfill an important function in his or her estate plan, you may not have considered all the angles. When the time came for you to serve as trustee, you quickly realized it was not what you thought it would be. Even if you have no trouble with performing your duties, the beneficiaries may make your job more of a challenge.

Tips for choosing an executor

When you make a will, you have numerous important decisions to make, and not just about what to do with your assets. You will also determine who will execute the terms of your will.

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